A Skater Looks At 40

The board slips

Out from under my feet

Ass meets concrete

Blood on the street

And we

Laugh all the way down

To the ER

‘Cause we know

We are

Not getting any younger

Bad knees

Stiff back

But still got that hunger

To be a little reckless

Be a little senseless

To stare down time

Like we’re not defenseless

Still rebellious

Always restless

Hell yes, I gotta say

I still got the urge

To write another rhyme

And spit another verse


I think I’m gonna need a couple advil first

Published by Shaun Jex

I dabble in an assortment of literary and artistic endeavors. My writing has appeared in Celebrations Magazine, Old School Gamer Magazine, Texas Heritage Magazine, Renaissance Magazine, Cowboy Jamboree Magazine, and other disparate locations.

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